April 13, 2011

Little House on the Prairie

pictures about Little House on the Prairie ( Väike maja preerias ) .
It's a TV-movie from 70's and 80's .
And it's really grate , I like it !
This talk about - The life and adventures of the Ingalls family in the 19th century American West .
cast :
Laura Ingalls - Melissa Gilbert 
Mary Ingalls - Melissa Sue Anderson
Carrie Ingalls - twins Lindsay and Sidney Greenbuch
Crace Ingalls - twins Wendy and Brenda Turnbaugh
Charles Ingalls - Michael Landon 
Caroline Ingalls - Karen Crassle
Albert Quinn Ingalls - Matthew Laborteaux
Nellie Oleson - Alison Arngrim
Willie Oleson - Jonathan Gilbert
Harriet Oleson - Katherine Scottie MacGregor
Nels Oleson - Richard Bull
and others ...

pictures : 

                                               daughter Carrie , father Charles , mother Caroline 
                                                 daughter Laura and oldest daughter Mary with 
                                                                            dog "Jack" 

                                          Laura , Charles , little Crace , Caroline , Mary and Carrie

bossy and nasty Nellie Oleson as Alison Arngrim

Alison Arngrim

mother Caroline Ingalls as Karen Crassle

some old man , Albert , Charles 
Almanzo and Laura, when she's older and married
with Almanzo

People magazine

Melissa Sue Anderson now - blind Mary Ingalls,
that blond daughter on right in People magazine picture

Melissa Gilbert now - Laura Ingalls , 
one of the main characters

Melissa Gilbert now

Matthew Laborteaux as Albert Ingalls

Albert when he's older

Mary's husband Adam in Little House and 
Linwood Boomer in real life , but older

Laura's husband Almanzo Wilder in Little House
and Dean Butler in real life, but older 

Laura's adopted brother Albert Ingalls in Little House 
and Matthew Laborteaux in real life, but older too

Melissa Gilbert in 1978 and now , 2009

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