April 12, 2011

Elle Fanning

Pictures about Elle Fanning , who's younger sister to Dakota Fanning.

Facts about young Elle :
born : april 9 1998 ( 13-years old ) in Georgia, Usa
born name : Mary Elle Fanning
sisters/brothers : Dakota Fanning
She likes play soccer
She learned the piano
She has naturally curly hair

Elle , Kristen Stewart and Leighton Meester have a birthday on same day ! 


  1. I watched super 8 on my laptop, and noticed that elle fanning was a beautiful girl who looked like she was sixteen. It happes that i was born in 1998 like her too. She is pretty and I am going to look up to her from now, because she reminds me of me. x

  2. Okey. I haven't seen Super 8, but i think it's grate movie. Yeah, she looks like her 17 years old sister, i mean she looks older, but in good way. :) okey, thats cool. :d