May 23, 2011


just pictures .
I delete Little House photos, because i found that they can't copy, I mean the person don't wan't that anyone copy those pictures, so i remove them. :)

                                                                         bella swan

new moon - bella and jake

kristen in london 2011 june

MTV Movie Awards 2011 - Rob - Kris - Tay

kristen cool style , jei

kristen stewart 

                                                    welcome to the rileys premiere 2010

The Twilight saga Breaking Dawn trailer

New Moon


MTV Movie Awards 2011


                                                                       new tomorrow


                                                 MTV Movie Award 2009 - 2010 - 2011

                                                             MTV Movie Awards 2010

May 16, 2011

eurovision 2011


well, i don't know what to say about winner - azerbaijan.
It was a good song, but i didn't like it really much.
It was kind of lullaby to baby or something .
I liked Denmark - New Tomorrow, who i gave one vote in final.
Then, i liked Ireland - Lipstick ( performed by the Irish twins ) .
I liked France - Sognu .
I liked Russia - Get You , but not really much, because it was too disco.
and i liked Sweden - Popular too .
and of course Estonia - Rockefeller Street, but it didn't get so good place, as we hoped . :(
and a little bit Serbia - Caroban retro song.

pic's :








May 06, 2011

1900's and Coco Chanel

                                    pictures of 1900's style and fashion


coco chanel


   pictures of 1800's style and fashion



                     pictures of 1700's style and fashion

"The Duchess" movie dress
clothing from the 1700s

rich young girl

serverant clothing