March 18, 2011

kristen again and again

some pictures again . :)
well ..  

                                                       Outloudz - I Wanna Meet Bob Dylan
                                              and Kristen wore Bob Dylan T-shirt on 2007 in
                                                               The Land of Women

New Moon clip - jake and bella

The Runaways - Kristen as Joan Jett

New Moon - cinema clip

Kristen after "Welcome to the Riley's" press in New York

After "Remember Me" premiere 2010

Kristen "Twilight" press in Rome 2008

Bella tweak's Jacob in New Moon
( funny )

Kristen and Robert in "Twilight" premiere in Paris 2008

- be happy -
face's of Kristen 

On David Letterman show in New York 2010

one favorite picture
[nice haircut and face]

Bella's depression in New Moon

Taylor and Kristen in Stockholm 2010

Kristen in 2005

Nikki and Kristen in Twilight 

Kristen giving autograph

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